girlsCAN started in North Vancouver in 2002. Our founder, Ciara McCormack, fresh from her NCAA career at Yale and the University of Connecticut, looked around and realized that she had, to that point, one female coach in her career.

She felt that that female coach had been an instrumental role model for her and realized that she was now a role model to young female players who wanted to do what she had done.

She looked around and saw far too few women involved in the game and wanted to give female coaches an outlet and a voice in the development of the next generation of female players.

She also felt that there was a unique experience as a female player that carried over into the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game, and that no programming that she had had to that point in her career addressed these differences.

Often she saw that coaches believed that girls were there to be with their friends, or have fun, and while she knew those were important, she also felt that female players wanted to be, and could be pushed and should be held to the highest standards.

She also knew the power of soccer to teach important life lessons, values such as appreciation, determination, goal-setting in a unique manner. She knew how those lessons learned through soccer had empowered her and impacted her life in a positive way and wanted to make any program she ran be based on the idea that being the best person possible was more important than any accomplishment. And that the two things went hand in hand.

girlsCAN Football has run programming and impacted countless female athletes in both Canada and the United States over the last 15 years and looks forward to giving female athletes the foundation to be the best people and players possible. We aim to teach every player to live our GCF motto:

Dream Big. Always Believe. Make it Happen. Give Back.